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Compelling film spotlights rape injustice

Movie Review HBO: A Rape in a Small Town: The Florence Holway Story

Mothers, daughters and Social Security

OPINION If anyone tries to tell you that young people don’t care about Social Security, don’t believe them. Being in my 30s, I no longer consider myself “young,” but I am still a long way off from retirement age.

A national crisis needs a national solution

OPINION In “Health care: beyond markets” PWW Dec. 18-24, George Silver nailed the disaster that market-driven health care has brought to our nation. He rightly condemned the “architecture of profitability,” decrying the profits and immunity from regulation that have brought industrial giants into health care. He pointed out that preventive investments are almost nonexistent.

How should we honor Martin Luther King?

OPINION I was offered the opportunity to attend the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast in Saint Petersburg, Fla., and join members of the local Democratic Party to “honor” King. The speakers at this event never discuss anything that might reflect on how our Prince of Peace would condemn this brutal imperialist war. I had to speak out. Save a life, be able to look in a mirror, and be pleased at who you are. Don’t let a day pass without some effort against this criminal war. Below is my reply to the invitation.

A tortured state

OPINION I live in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, and its free, brave soldiers are everywhere on the march killing people to liberate them in Iraq, protecting hand-picked dictators while allowing narco-terrorists to flourish all across Afghanistan and Pakistan, and doing the darkest possible work imaginable in Colombia, which would be front page news if they weren’t bleeding to death in the cities and sands of Iraq by the hundreds every month. I am looking at a broken-back negative of what it means to be an American. I am an American in a tortured state.


A drum major for justice / 323,000 working poor hit by man-made disaster

Workers comp cut is gift to bosses

Gov. Arnold Schwartzenegger slashed the California workers’ compensation law to gain the support of employers and insurance carriers. It was nothing new for Republican politicians to attack a system, which is difficult to understand, and at the same time a system that is so important to the lives of workers, their families and friends.

Nurses strike St. Louis hospital: This is all labors fight

ST. LOUIS (PAI) — With the St. John’s Hospital nurses strike stretching on for weeks, the St. Louis labor community turned out in force to demonstrate solidarity behind these angels of mercy standing up for their right to be their patients’ advocates — and to tell the hospital it will not break their union.

Big lies, little lies, & statistics

There’s a retirement crisis facing older workers. The bosses tell us they can’t meet pension obligations because there are too many retirees and not enough active workers. They use the same argument to explain why they have to gut or privatize Social Security.

N.Y. drug laws slightly reformed

NEW YORK — In what is seen to be a small, forced step forward, Gov. George Pataki signed into law Dec. 14 a bill that slightly modifies the state’s notorious Rockefeller Drug Laws (RDL), which impose harsh penalties on people caught with specific amounts of illegal substances.

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