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A heritage of peacemaking and altruism

BOOK REVIEW Shakerism: Its Meaning and Message By Anna White and Leila S. Taylor Hardcover, 417 pp., $23.75 (includes shipping) Obtainable from the United Society of Shakers, 707 Shaker Road, New Gloucester, ME 04260

Gary Webb a journalist with courage

OPINION Investigative journalist Gary Webb died Dec. 10, in Sacramento County, Calif., at age 49. The coroner maintains it was suicide, but acknowledged that two sets of gunshot wounds to the head is unusual in a suicide. The contents of a note were undisclosed.

Restoring workers rights is a moral value

OPINION We should not minimize the imminent, destructive potential of a second George Bush term.

Taking on the cultural divide

OPINION If a myth gets repeated enough, it often becomes conventional wisdom. Since the November election, the pundits have been telling us non-stop that we are a nation “bitterly divided,” and that the main contradiction in our society is a “cultural divide,” pitting against each other “two Americas,” the “red” states and the “blue” states. “Moral values,” they tell us, are the main issue on the voters’ minds, dividing us more than anything else.

We can do it again bring them home!

OPINION Are U.S. citizens prepared for a long war? It seems to be a logical question to ask in light of the current debate over the Iraq war and past experiences of other U.S. military invasions and/or wars. Certainly citizens’ antiwar sentiment and mobilization is much stronger and has been more rapidly organized than was the case in both the Korean and the Vietnam invasions.


In Ohio and elsewhere – One person, one vote!’

How secure is your retirement? Social Security privatization scams young and old

Over the past two decades, the entire structure of retirement security, as well as other public and social programs, has come under increasing attack from corporations, White House administrations and the ultra-right. This assault has greatly increased under the administration of George W. Bush.

New OSHA boss adds insult to injury

U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao announced on Dec. 14, 2004, the appointment of Jonathan Snare as the deputy assistant secretary for Occupational Safety and Health Administration, to replace the outgoing OSHA head John Henshaw. Although Snare will oversee the safety and health of 100 million workers under OSHA’s jurisdiction, it was not deemed important enough for significant media coverage.

Indian patent law threatens low-cost drugs

NEW DELHI — India, which is part of the World Trade Organization, may have to change its patent laws. The government is considering amending the Indian Patent Act of 1970, which would introduce patent protection for big corporations and pharmaceutical products.

Will 2005 mark the end of polio?

Polio is a disease that invades the spinal cord and brain, causing muscle weakness and atrophy, and, in severe cases, permanent paralysis or death. The polio virus lives and replicates in the intestines and spreads either from person-to-person contact or by ingestion of anything that is contaminated.

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