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Editorial: Worlds worst rights abuser

We observe United Nations Human Rights Day, Dec. 10, with a sobering realization: In the opinion of hundreds of millions of people around the world, the Bush administration has become the worst human rights abuser of any regime in the world. Consider the following:

Editorial: Right to organize is a human right

AFL-CIO President John Sweeney was greeted with a standing ovation when he told a crowd at a Quaker Meeting House in Philadelphia, Dec. 6, that union rights are human rights and workers everywhere must stand up to defend those rights. The town hall meeting was one of scores of similar rallies in 100 cities this week leading up to International Human Rights Day, Dec. 10.

Dec. 10: Workers rights are human rights

A major new push for workers’ rights to form unions was kicked off this week at scores of events from Albuquerque to Orlando, leading up to International Human Rights Day, Dec. 10.

In Texas: Fish at your own risk

On almost any rainless day, anglers may be observed fishing the waters of North Texas’ Trinity River. The pickup trucks, ice chests and laughing children running ahead of parents, and jockeying for a nice flat rock on which to stake a fishing base, suggest a rosy picture of outdoor family fun.

UAW says Delphi strike inevitable:Rank-and-file solidarity shifts to high gear

Several local leaders of the United Auto Workers issued a memo Dec. 2 attempting to inform the membership who had been waiting for weeks for some kind of response from the international union concerning the situation with Delphi. The giant parts manufacturer has filed for bankruptcy and gone to court demanding that autoworkers’ wages, health care and pensions be slashed.

Cheney receives face transplant; now has three faces

Unveils newest face on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ Vice President Dick Cheney received a face transplant over the weekend, bringing his total number of faces to three, a spokesman for Cheney confirmed today.

N.Y. transit: countdown to a contract

NEW YORK — As of this writing there has been little progress in contract negotiations between Transit Workers Union Local 100, which represents some 34,000 workers who operate the New York City Transit system, and their employer, MTA-NYCT. With the Dec. 15 contract deadline fast approaching, the possibility of a strike by NYC transit workers is looming ever larger.

Residents seek justice from Yale-New Haven Hospital

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — The wheels of justice are turning here. Large numbers of community and labor activists, clergy and elected officials are expected to march on Yale-New Haven Hospital Dec. 13 to mark the first anniversary of Community Organized for Responsible Development (CORD). The action will take place during the week of International Human Rights Day, Dec. 10.

Community residents say no to condos; Pilsen is not for sale

CHICAGO — Victoria Romero, 34, is a lifelong resident of Chicago’s Pilsen community, a predominantly Mexican American neighborhood. Her parents migrated to Chicago in the 1950s from Mexico. The Pilsen community was once known as the center of Chicago’s Mexican community and a point of entry for many immigrant families.

Canadas Communists launch election campaign

The Communist Party of Canada announced Nov. 28 that it will campaign on a platform for peace, jobs, democracy and sovereignty in the coming federal election, now expected on Jan. 23. The party will be running approximately 20 candidates across the country, leaders said.

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