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CARTOON: Bad capitalists!

Two breakthroughs in stem cell research

Two important breakthroughs in stem cell biology were reported recently. First, some background. There are two kinds of stem cells (SC): adult (somatic) and embryonic. Adult SC come from adult tissue. Embryonic SC are obtained from the inner cells of a blastocyst, a ball of cells formed 5 to 7 days after fertilization of an egg.

N. Calif. workers win new contracts

As 2007 neared an end, northern California unions representing thousands of workers, including some that had conducted long, drawn-out negotiations, announced the successful completion of new contracts.

Labor alive and well as new year arrives

A review of the recent past and a peek into the nearby future of the labor movement reveals a level of activity reminiscent of the militancy that built industrial unions more than half a century ago.


Greece: Massive strike for pensions Cuba: Legal protection, support for gays Bahrain: Iran figures into Iraq solutions Nepal: On track toward a constituent assembly

Saluting the peoples struggle and the PWW

People’s Weekly World fundraising events around the country the past few weeks showed the strength and vitality of the progressive movement.

Something there is that doesnt love a wall

Private property exerts immense, almost sacred, influence on virtually all law and public policy. Still, every practicing lawyer knows that possession is nine-tenths of legal ownership. What can be kept? What must be shared? What can be taken from you? What is theft? What is exploitation?

Red Cross urges action to relieve crisis in Gaza, West Bank

GENEVA — The Palestinian population living in the occupied territories is facing a worsening humanitarian crisis as a result of the drastic deterioration of the situation there, the International Committee of the Red Cross said in a Dec. 13 statement.

Midwest city rejects war mongering on Iran

When the new National Intelligence Estimate on Iran was released noting that Iran gave up its nuclear weapons program in 2003, the council moved into action. Unanimously, it passed a resolution ensuring that no pre-emptive military attack by the United States against Iran takes place. Surprised you didn’t hear about this courageous act? That’s because it happened in the town of Gary, Ind., not in our nation’s Capitol.

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