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Canadas Communists seek election reforms

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — As part of its ongoing campaign for electoral reform, the Communist Party of Canada is asking election authorities to allocate more free television advertising time to small parties.

Ann Soyka Taylor, a feisty fighter for justice, 90

Ann Soyka Taylor died Dec. 19 in New Haven, Conn., shortly after her 90th birthday. Ann’s friends and comrades will remember and miss her great warmth, her feisty manner and fighting spirit.

Foxs 24 fans far-right propaganda

The Fox Television Network series “24” is an incredibly brazen example of the ultra-right-wing’s use of that medium to spread fear to win support for its political agenda and for President Bush.

Beautiful films

Some of the world’s most beautiful humanist films have been made in a country demonized by Western media. “Iran: A Cinematographic Revolution” is a penetrating study of the history of Iran, the world’s first Islamic Republic, through the wondrous eye of the camera.

The Decider strikes again

In spite of his State of the Union efforts to appear conciliatory, Bush is proving yet again that he doesn’t feel he has to listen to anybody.


India: Major economic growth projected Great Britain: Public service unionists demand respect Djibouti: U.S. sets up unified military command Iraq: Workers mobilize against privatization

Nairobi forum demands release of Cuban 5

The World Social Forum in Nairobi concluded Jan. 25 with the approval of a motion in support of the world campaign for the release of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters held in U.S. prisons

Bolivians rally to defend countrys unity

On Jan. 8, a year after Evo Morales became Bolivia’s first indigenous president, 25,000 indigenous peasants and unionized coca growers rallied in Cochabamba in central Bolivia. They called for the resignation of the state governor, Manfred Reyes Villa, an outspoken advocate of state autonomy and an opponent of the president’s progressive reforms.


A wonderful, tender children book

Canadian writer and illustrator Laurel Dykstra’s “Uncle Aiden,” a wonderful, tender book that teaches kids about gay people, is a welcome addition to a small but growing body of children’s literature addressing this issue.


Movie highlights anti-racist message

This is a movie about a dedicated teacher in a gang-ridden high school in the Long Beach, Calif., area, whose students — white, African American, Latino and Asian — are divided along racial lines. Since I am married to a retired schoolteacher, the film particularly hit home with me, as I could relate to the problems confronted by teachers as educational workers.

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