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Solidarity turns tide for Goodyear workers

PITTSBURGH — Labor and community solidarity with Goodyear workers, who ratified a new contract Dec. 28 after a three-month strike, reached such a level that United Steel Workers President Leo Gerard sent an e-mail/letter of appreciation to all the local unions and activists for which the USW had addresses.

The fight pays off Justice vs. Wal-Mart

Union busting has become so important to Wal-Mart, the nation’s biggest corporate fat cat, that it is offering to pay clerks and cashiers who sign up to work at its new “superstore” in Riverdale, N.J., $2 an hour more than the starting rate at the surrounding unionized stores.


Colombia: Journalist freed but still under threat; European Union: New energy policies favor environment; Nigeria: Violence threatens workers and oil industry; Burma: Resistance grows against authoritarian regime; Iran: U.S. sanctions large bank

Greeks march to save public higher education

ATHENS, Greece — Pro-education forces throughout Greece took to the streets this week for an all-out offensive of marches and demonstrations to block a parliamentary vote on privatizing the higher education system.

UN resolution vs. human trafficking

UNITED NATIONS — The Republic of Belarus sponsored a resolution here to strengthen the worldwide fight against the trafficking of women and girls. The resolution was approved unanimously without a vote.

Calif. governor proposes sweeping health plan

Last week California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed a sweeping $12 billion proposal to revamp health care in the state. Responses, many of them critical, came quickly.

$180,000 reached as PWW fund drive wraps up

NEW YORK — The People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo wrapped up its 2006 Fund Drive on Dec. 31. The newspaper’s fund drive committee said that they were pleased with the drive’s results. Events and individual contributions raised $180,000, just short of the $200,000 goal.


Movie buddies love The Good German

Dallas newspaper readers are asking, “What kind of people are they?” as they find out about Dyn-Gen, a government contractor headquartered in nearby Irving, Texas, which hires mercenaries to blow up or be blown up in the present Iraq war. As our tax money is paying for all this blowing up, we’re compelled to ask, “What kind of people are we?”


The ruling class blinks in The Queen

I was scared to go to see the film “The Queen” since Helen Mirren is one of my favorite actresses. I was terrified that she would portray Queen Elizabeth in a positive light, and I would never be able to forgive her. The movie was outstanding and I do forgive her.


The story of South Africas Little Sarah

Book Review: Rachel Holmes retells the true story of Saartjie (Little Sarah) Baartman, the “Hottentot Venus,” a young South African woman whose international adventures spanned more than 200 years.

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