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Yes we can!

From left to right, Sophie Rodenbush and Amber Rose Rodriguez had one message, “Yes we can,” which was the sentiment at this year’s Martin Luther King Day March which the 8th graders from Manhattan Country School hold each year.

Senate Dems flex legislative muscle on fair pay

By a vote of 61 to 36 on Jan. 22, the Senate passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and sent it to President Obama who plans to sign it into law. The bill will let victims of pay discrimination based on sex, race, religion and other reasons sue employers. Passage came after senators beat back a GOP filibuster against the measure a week before.

House passes economic recovery bill

Original source: Hoping to put the brakes on an economy spiraling downhill and out of control, the House today passed (244-188) an $825 billion economic recovery package that could create or save as many as 4 million jobs.

French workers protest against cutbacks

MILLIONS of French workers are set to take to the streets on Thursday to warn the right-wing government that they will not bear the brunt of the slump.

Business as usual? Federal Reserve keeps interest rates near zero

Economic news worsened Wednesday as the House of Representatives voted on the stimulus package with the Federal Reserve Board’s Open Market Committee admitting that the “economy has weakened further. Industrial production, housing starts, and employment have continued to decline steeply, as consumers and businesses have cut back spending.”

'Country needs our help' — progressives urged to rally around recovery plan

WASHINGTON — With more people filing for unemployment than at any time in the past quarter century amid the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, the head of a key center for labor and progressive action urged “progressives who helped deliver President Obama’s electoral victory to rally around a historic opportunity to rebuild America.”

House set to vote on economic stimulus package

With over 75,000 layoffs announced earlier in the week, the House of Representatives is set to vote Wednesday on a $825 billion economic stimulus package, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, HR 1. The plan is said to create or save close to 4 million jobs.

OPINION: A nuke free world?

When a fully loaded aircraft crash-landed on the river Hudson without loss of life, the people emerging from the plane appeared to walk on water.

UN calls for food aid from rich countries

THE UN urged rich countries on Monday to stump up the aid that they pledged at a food crisis summit last year after riots had erupted in underdeveloped countries over soaring prices.

Climate change: Obama signals end to era of denial

WASHINGTON, Jan 26 (IPS) - Environmental activists have hailed the first moves by U.S. President Barack Obama to reduce the country's greenhouse gas emissions by setting tough new fuel efficiency and pollution standards for the country's cars and trucks, steps that his predecessor, George W. Bush, had rejected or ignored.

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