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Bring troops home from Afghanistan

The U.S. Senate is poised to vote before Memorial Day on funds to continue the Iraq and Afghanistan wars through Sept. 30. The House of Representatives has already approved a supplemental appropriation, but we can still urge our senators to focus spending on ending both wars as soon as possible.


Hundreds rally at Bank of America to stop home foreclosures

CHICAGO – Elia Santana lives here on the southwest side with her husband, four children and mother. In January 2008 Santana’s father passed away putting an emotional and financial strain on her family.

American Idol stars ordered to have swine flu checks in Manila

MUNTINLUPA, the Philippines, May 14 (Xinhua) -- Alarmed over the rapid spread of Influenza A/H1N1, Philippine health officials on Thursday said they have demanded two arriving 'American Idol' stars to daily report their temperature readings before their Manila concert this weekend.

New ILO study emphasizes possible impact of global economic crisis on forced labour

Brussels, 12 May 2009: The ITUC has welcomed a new ILO Global Report on forced labour worldwide, which will be submitted to the ILO’s annual International Labour Conference in Geneva in June.

Lima bean soup

A hearty, nutritious soup that will feed 10 - 12 people for lunch or supper.


Calcium is key to strong bones for a lifetime

Drink your milk—it’s often a message to children, but adults can also benefit from this advice.



The 2002 death of former Communist Party activist and longtime civil rights/labor activist Junius Scales concluded one of America's most distinctive lives. Convicted of a felony in the 1950s solely for his party membership, Scales appealed his case to the Supreme Court, where the ruling was upheld.

Ronald Reagan reaches out from his grave, ties up National Labor Relations Board

The “Gipper” apparently knew what he was doing when he stacked the federal courts with young right-wing lawyers back in the 1980s. The now old right-wing judges are still on their benches and are busy, these days, doing whatever they can to slow the advance of the labor and progressive movements.


12 fun family spring/summer activities that won't break the bank

Take a trip to the Farmers’ Market. Farmers’ markets are unexpected family-oriented places that offer great stimulation for children. They present a fun learning opportunity where kids can experience various colors, shapes, sounds and smells.


Three reasons to donate TODAY

Three reasons to give – or make a pledge – TODAY!

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