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Some terrific new childrens books

Right now public libraries and local bookstores are featuring titles for African American history month, and next month they will be featuring titles on women’s history. Here are some new titles for children that you won’t want to miss.

Civil liberties, civil rights most censored in 2007

The common theme of the most censored stories over the past year is the systemic erosion of human rights and civil liberties both in the U.S. and the world at large.


From Vietnam to Iraq at Toronto Film Fest

Aware of the connection between art and politics, many artists over the years have lent their names to social change. A couple films at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival document the ordeals of two world-famous artists sharing many similarities, albeit years apart.

White House seeks to block food sales to Cuba

The Bush administration wants to close a hole in the U.S. economic blockade against Cuba. Congress passed legislation in 2000 opening up sales of U.S. farm products to the island nation, but machinations at U.S ports and a recent Treasury Department pronouncement suggest that the Bush administration is scheming to put an end to such sales. Congresspeople from the farm states, however, are not falling into line.

Forum on the road to peace

CHICAGO - There have been 433,000 layoffs since the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, Jaime Daniel said as she opened a forum on the war in Afghanistan here Oct. 15

Best Wishes for a peaceful New Year

The following is an excerpt of greetings to the Communist Party USA’s annual holiday party in New York Dec. 20. Sam Webb is CPUSA national chairman.

Youth protest Kissinger speech

St. Louis, Mo. – When Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger spoke at the Powell Symphony Hall here Dec. 6, he was met by protesters. Kissinger was invited as a guest of Maryville University and KMOX and RCGA radio stations.

Human Rights Day marked by peace rally in Tucson

TUCSON, Ariz. – International Human Rights Day was observed here Dec. 10 with a spirited march and a rally demanding peace in Afghanistan and an end to attacks on civil liberties and racist scapegoating.

Chicago shows solidarity with Afghans

CHICAGO – Organized by the Peace Response and coordinated with similar mobilizations in other cities, march to protest the war in Afghanistan attracted more than 200 people here Dec. 7. Many of the participants carried blankets draped over their shoulders, to represent the suffering of refugees in Afghanistan.

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