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Non-citizen airport security workers to lose their jobs

Of about 28,000 people employed in airport security nationally, almost a fourth are non-citizens. But with the new airport security law passed by Congress, this could change radically, and all 7,000 could abruptly lose their jobs.

King George attacks civil rights

Nearly 30 years ago, Arthur Schlesinger characterized Richard Nixon’s administration as the “Imperial Presidency.”

In The Bedroom: America in denial and worse

David Ansen of Newsweek said of this film: “Once it gets its hooks in you, you can’t turn away.” But I’m concerned about what it is that gets its hooks into the viewer and why all of us in our post-Sept. 11 world may not be able to get away with our First Amendment rights, our Bill of Rights, and numerous other hard-won laws and principles that undergird a democratic society.

Helen Winter 1908 - 2001

Helen Winter, a life-long member of the Communist Party, died Dec. 13.

Strikers demand justice from Grinch

CHICAGO – Striking workers from Carousel Linens and their supporters gave holiday shoppers at Marshall Fields Department Store here something to see Dec. 8. The strikers were chasing “the Grinch,” decked out in Santa attire, from floor to floor.

Lawsuit filed to stop Edison school takeover

PHILADELPHIA – At a Dec. 17 press conference here, hosted by the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, the Coalition to Keep our Public Schools Public announced that it will file a lawsuit in Commonwealth Court and Superior Court seeking an injunction to against Edison Schools, Inc.

Bush plan leaves some children behind

This week the Senate passed the misnamed No Child Left Behind Act, which gives the federal government an unprecedented say in the standards public school children must meet. Yet it doesn’t provide funding to meet those goals.

Building U.S. peace movement is crucial

The following is based on a report to the Communist Party’s National Board.

Steel industry should be publically owned

More and more, steelworkers and public officials are looking at use of eminent domain to take over the steel mills bankrupted by LTV Corp. as the only way to save jobs and union contracts and protect their communities from major economic disaster.

Strike improves job security at Pratt and Whitney

NORTH HAVEN, Conn. – An 11-day strike by 5,000 Pratt & Whitney workers, which brought airplane engine production to a halt, forced the company to improve job security protections for the next three years.

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