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We need to reform jobless benefits

In the weeks since the events of Sept. 11, the ranks of the unemployed have grown by nearly a half-million. Tens of thousands of airline workers have been joined by more thousands of laid-off workers in every sector of the economy from restaurants to factories and from 'temp' agencies to construction sites, in unemployment lines that grow longer each day.

Health care for all needed

New York City is facing an increase in unemployed workers stemming from the World Trade Center crisis. About 120,000 newly unemployed workers will, as a result, face losing health insurance since worker access to health insurance in our country is almost entirely dependent upon employers, either through labor negotiations or directly from the employer. These thousands will be added to the millions in the United States who are already living without health insurance.

Tobacco still lobbies hard

WASHINGTON - Each day that Congress meets, the nation's four largest cigarette manufacturers spend more than $100,000 pushing their agenda on Capitol Hill

Massachusetts Senior Action: Yes to action, no to war

WORCESTER, Mass. - The Massachusetts Senior Action Council held its convention here Oct. 12 with 300 senior activists coming from around the state.

Texans to join November 9 protests

DALLAS - The North Texas chapter of Jobs with Justice (JwJ) will join in the worldwide protests against the World Trade Organization Nov. 9. The International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) has called for worldwide protests that day because the WTO is scheduled to begin another round of talks in Qatar.

Chicago day laborers balk at strike-breaking

CHICAGO - On Aug. 9, 65 members of United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers Local 1114 went out on strike against the Coach and Car Company of Elk Grove Village, a Chicago suburb.

Resolution opposing militarization of space

A resolution opposing militarization of space will be recommended favorably to the New Haven Board of Aldermen by its Human Services Committee. At a packed public hearing Oct. 16, members of the committee said they were convinced by testimony to vote their support. The full Board of Aldermen will vote on the resolution Nov. 8. The text, introduced by the City of New Haven Peace Commission, follows.

Labor antiwar efforts in three cities

Trade unionists in Washington D.C., New York and San Francisco and their work to stop the war.

Anthrax test: Dogs first, workers last

Patricia Johnson, president of the 6,000-member Washington D.C.-Southern Maryland branch of the American Postal Workers Union, is angry - and she should be. Two of her members have died from inhalation anthrax and hundreds more may have contracted the disease.

Death toll rises at home and abroad

WASHINGTON - With the war on Afghanistan entering its third week, the death toll is rising for both Americans and Afghanis and so are the warnings that military force will bring neither justice nor peace.

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