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Still fighting Fast Track

The 215-214 vote in the House of Representatives on Dec. 6 that gave President Bush “Fast Track” authority to negotiate trade agreements in secret is not the end of the world. As a matter of fact, it’s not even the end of the battle to defeat what is now called “trade promotion authority.”

Media hides truth about the war

It’s pretty hard to be among the 10 percent or so against Bush’s war in Afghanistan. Even though that’s 11 million of us in the U.S., the corporate media’s pro-war, pro-Bush stance can make you feel kind of lonely.

Connecticut over the top in fund drive

NEW HAVEN, CONN. – It was standing room only Dec. 9 at the New Haven People’s Center as an array of activists from across Connecticut came out to honor four leaders and celebrate the 82nd anniversary of the Communist Party USA.

World AIDS Day: I care. Do you?

Each year a theme is chosen for World AIDS Day Dec. 1. This year’s theme was “I care. Do you?” It has been a prophetic theme, because this year those who “care” won some important victories over those who don’t.

Athens hosts EU meeting on workers’ rights

ATHENS, Greece – Members of the European Parliament (EP), labor lawyers, trade union and peace leaders gathered here Dec. 8 and warned of a continent-wide assault on democratic rights unleashed in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in the United States. People’s Weekly World Editor Tim Wheeler also attended as a guest.

Rights group takeover fails

WASHINGTON – George W. Bush’s railroading of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission (CRC) was blocked Dec. 7 when Commission Chair Mary Frances Berry stood her ground and refused to recognize Bush’s nominee.

Unemployment makes historic jump

With the official count of the unemployed still increasing, economists who are predicting an early end to the present recession should remember the old adage about not counting chickens before they hatch, as they gaze into their crystal ball.

Pratt and Whitney strikers stand firm

NORTH HAVEN, Conn. – With a strike of more than 5,000 Pratt and Whitney workers holding firm, and machines lying idle at aircraft engine plants in East Hartford, Middletown, Cheshire and North Haven, Conn., company officials have resumed bargaining with International Association of Machinists (IAM) District 91. At press time, workers at the four plants were scheduled to vote on a new proposal.

ACLU and AFL-CIO blast Ashcroft

In a blatant attempt to stifle growing criticism of the efforts of the Bush administration to amend the Constitution and write new laws by executive fiat, Attorney General John Ashcroft equated political dissent with treason during a belated appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee Dec. 6.

Colombia: Next target of war on terrorism?

Arriving in Colombia a day before the start of the 18th Congress of the Colombian Communist Party (CPC) gave me an opportunity to visit the famous Gold Museum in Bogota.

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