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Fort Benning freedom riders take on terror

Opinion Justice often, Finds its tongue, In the outrage, Of the young Our vans are now one hour on the road, with 20 more to go. We’re headed home from Fort Benning, Ga., a convoy of two radio-connected Fairfield University vehicles, toting 14 students, staff and fellow travelers. We’ll drive all night, rotating drivers, navigators and sleepers. The politics here is decidedly pro-Jesuit and anti-School of the Americas (SOA).

Strom Thurmond: Relic of past overstayed his welcome

What would you say about a man who once ran for president on a platform promising to end “social intermingling of the races”?

Rule of the pirates, the $ 200 billion payday exposing Bush, Cheney and Halliburton

The figure had been bouncing around think tanks and Capitol Hill for months, and on Dec. 1 made the front page of The Washington Post: Bush’s invasion and occupation of Iraq will cost the American taxpayer between $100 and $200 billion.

Campaign finance reform a flop

Commentary The McCain-Feingold Election Finance Reform bill that underwent so much debate in Congress has continued its controversial status since becoming law, Nov. 6, the day after the elections. The law, although taking steps towards substantial reform, fails to fulfill its mandate, according to reformers.

Clean air or stone wall?

ARLINGTON, Tex. – Concerned North Texans found out how the state’s environmental regulatory agency manages to continue giveaways to corporate polluters while the proof piles in that we are slowly suffocating: they just pretend the data doesn’t exist! The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality let it be known that they would hold a public hearing in Arlington on Dec. 5, but the convenor let it be known from the outset that the state would not be providing any information at all.

November unemployment report: Not a pretty picture

The nation’s unemployment rate shot up to 6 percent in November, the highest level since 1994. The increase from 5.7 percent in October came as more than 300,000 additional workers joined the ranks of the unemployed, bringing the total number of unemployed Americans to 8.5 million, in what was a considerably worse-than-expected employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

No child left behind?

News Analysis As Americans focused on the Thanksgiving holiday and anti-war activities, the U.S. Dept. of Education held a press conference to clarify its policies on the final regulations for the No Child Left Behind Act, passed by Congress and signed into law by George W. Bush in January.

International notes

Venezuela: WFTU condemns ‘unconstitutional’ efforts to oust president / Turkey: Tens of thousands say ‘No!’ to war / Portugal: General strike against government assault on living conditions / South Africa: Minimum wage set for farm workers / Britain: Giant rally backs firefighters / Greece: Peace activists acquitted

S. Korean protest arrogant Bush

Reeling from a court martial acquittal of two U.S. soldiers in the deaths of Korean teenagers mown down by a U.S. military vehicle, South Korea warned U.S. Deputy Secretary Richard Armitage, Dec. 10, that public anger could affect relations between the two countries. Armitage is in South Korea drumming up support for Bush’s war policy towards Iraq.

Caribbean leaders: end blockade vs Cuba

Caribbean heads of state called for the “immediate lifting” of U.S. economic sanctions imposed four decades ago on socialist Cuba, at a 15-nation Caribbean Community summit hosted for the first time in Havana. The U.S.-imposed sanctions are designed to promote “regime change” in an attempt to oust President Fidel Castro after he led the 1959 revolution.

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