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U Penn grad students fight for their rights

PHILADELPHIA — Following the successful campaigns at universities across the country, graduate student employees at the University of Pennsylvania are working to gain union recognition.

International notes

Korea: U.S. manipulated intelligence / Nigeria: Huge port layoffs threatened / Switzerland: Demand affordable health care / Mexico: Workers’ rights at risk

U.S. spends millions in Ukraine politics

News Analysis While the Cold War officially ended over a decade ago, the current political crisis in Ukraine suggests that Washington is still in a Cold War mode, trying to “encircle” Russia and helping to install governments that are subservient to U.S. corporate interests in the former republics of the USSR.

Wash. governors race margin razor-thin

SEATTLE — It’s already one for the record books: the Washington state governor’s race is the closest in the history of the United States. The battle over a second recount is one front of the national struggle to have every voted counted fairly.

National Clips

PHILADELPHIA: A decent job is a human right / LOS ANGELES: Janitors win against supermarket chains / HARLAN, Ky.: Miners sue to improve safety / BALTIMORE: Free Eddie Conway / NORTH POLE: Vote for Grinch

Working Families Party reshapes N.Y. politics

NEW YORK — As 2004 comes to a close, New York’s Working Families Party has a lot to celebrate. Through effective grassroots organizing, the party has helped shatter the right-wing myth that you can’t gain victories around progressive working-class politics.

Send greetings to the Cuban 5

Five Cuban men are in U.S. jails, three of them for the rest of their lives. Their “crime” was defending their country from terrorism by monitoring the activities of violent, right-wing, anti-Cuba groups based in Miami.

Weve just begun to fight

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — About 100 labor and progressive activists packed the New Haven People’s Center Dec. 5 to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the Communist Party USA at a reception hosted by the Connecticut Bureau of the People’s Weekly World.

Teenagers teach each other truth about AIDS

NEW YORK — Two people between the ages of 13 and 24 are infected with HIV every hour in the United States. It’s no wonder then that Willie Hernandez of MTV’s “Real World Philadelphia” says, “I’m smart enough to be scared of this disease.”

Catch Kinsey

Movie Review I loved the movie “Kinsey” almost as much as I hate the period of American life, the 1950s, in which the critical part of the movie is set. “Kinsey” is exquisitely well made, and the acting at all levels is excellent.

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