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The full-grown shrub is not a pretty sight

Book Review Bushwhacked: Life in George W. Bush’s America By Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose Random House, 2003 Hardcover, 347 pp., $24.95

Build unity to take back our country in 2004

Opinion A consensus is forming that progress in meeting human needs in our country is impossible as long as George W. Bush remains in the White House and the extremist Republicans control all three branches of government.

Arnold Becchetti, CPUSA leader

Arnold Becchetti, former national organization secretary and national treasurer of the Communist Party USA, died suddenly Dec. 27 while visiting family. He was 78 years old.

Book review: Speaking of wars

War Talk By Arundhati Roy Published by South End Press 2003 Softcover, 142 pages, $12

Cold Mountain and my summer vacation (a review)

Cold Mountain is a good movie, based on a good book by Charles Frazier. I think most reviewers missed the most important thing about the movie – it is movingly anti-war at a time when the Bush administration has the country bogged down in brutal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wild Card Weekend

The Thrill and the Agony This week in sports by Chas Walker

Father ODonnells life celebrated

Over two thousand people gathered in Berkeley’s Community Theater Dec. 14 to celebrate the life of Father Bill O’Donnell, beloved Roman Catholic priest whose 47 years of service in the Bay Area enriched virtually every progressive movement for peace, and for the rights of workers and oppressed people at home and abroad.

Documenting working class struggles

Toronto International Film Festival 2003 – part 4 Here are some more outstanding documentaries shown at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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