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Gulf Coast update

Lawless landlords stopped on evictions; Residents to mayor: ‘Don’t shut us out!’; Katrina survivors charge racism

NYU teaching assistants struggle for union

NEW YORK — A coalition of labor, political leaders and community organizations gathered Dec. 5 in front of New York University’s Bobst Library, where the school’s administration is located, in support of the approximately 1,000 graduate teaching assistants (TAs) who have been on strike since Nov. 9.

National Clips

WASHINGTON: Bill to protect immigrant children; HAMPTON, Va.: Antiwar students rebuff expulsion threat; WASHINGTON: GOP medical plan lands with thud; MONTGOMERY, Ala.: Thousands march to honor Rosa Parks

Bush victory ploy flops

The aggressive White House campaign to re-sell the Iraq war to the American public appears to be dead on arrival. As President Bush delivered his Nov. 30 “strategy for victory in Iraq” speech, a Time poll showed 60 percent disapproved of his handling of the situation in Iraq, and the same percent said the war was wrong in the first place. The latest polls continued months of unfavorable ratings of Bush’s war policy.

Secret memo exposes DeLays racist power grab

Grassroots leaders in Texas reacted angrily to new evidence that Tom DeLay’s redistricting plan rammed through the Texas Legislature violated the Voting Rights Act in carving up the state to insure five additional Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives.

GOP plays the anti-immigrant card

President George W. Bush made his first political speech on home soil, Nov. 28, after two weeks of travel abroad and a Thanksgiving retreat at his Texas ranch. The speech followed tumultuous and bitter struggle between Republicans and Democrats in both houses of Congress over the war in Iraq, budget cuts in social programs and tax breaks for the rich, with opinion polls showing Bush’s disapproval rating around 60 percent.

Holiday season events raise funds and spirits

CHICAGO — Amid exclamations of “Opa!” over flaming Greek saganaki, Puerto Rican ballads and “Solidarity Forever,” a packed Parthenon Restaurant hall rocked at the 18th Annual People’s Weekly World Banquet here, Dec. 4.

Clean sweep for Houston janitors

HOUSTON — In what union leaders called one of the largest organizing victories ever in Texas, a majority of nearly 5,000 Houston janitors have signed to become members of the Service Employees union and initiated a process to bargain their first contract.

A gift of survival: Venezuelas Citgo provides low-cost heating oil to U.S. needy

BRONX, N.Y. — Residents of the Fordham-Bedford cooperative housing project, home to thousands of working-class people, were facing desperate times. Many were unable to pay their electric bills, and their lights were shut off. A desperate mother had lost her job and could not afford to pay the rent. This holiday season promised to be hard for the parents: they weren’t going to be able to afford gifts for their children. Then Citgo stepped in.


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