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Drive with style

Santa Claus stops by early

Already, the PWW’s friends have raised over $100,000 in this year’s fund drive, attaining half of the $200,000 goal earlier than expected.

PWW election coverage shines

Sometimes you have to blow your own horn so people know about your accomplishments. This is one of those times. I can say — unabashedly — that the People’s Weekly World played an outstanding role in informing and activating readers around the midterm elections.



BOOK REVIEW: Railroading Economics examines the mythology of the market

Conservative laissez-faire economists argue that an economy governed by private ownership and competition, untainted by government intervention, is the best way to run an economy. However, California State University economics professor Michael Perelman, in his penetrating “Railroading Economics,” demonstrates that in the United States, business and government long ago rejected the laissez-faire model.

Some personal favorites at Toronto film fest

Some big-budget films at the Toronto International Film Festival would be of interest to progressive viewers.

Flight attendants fight strike ban

MINNEAPOLIS — (PAI) A Minnesota federal bankruptcy judge on Oct. 23 banned the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA from starting “chaos” at a Northwest Airlines feeder, Mesaba Airlines. “CHAOS stands for Create Havoc Around Our System” and is the union’s tactic of using selective strikes against selected flights with no prior notice


Goodyear tires — how safe? More labor support for single-payer AMFA ends strike


Uruguay: Ibero-American Summit takes U.S. to task Iran: U.S. naval maneuvers raise tensions China: Outreach to African nations a high priority Kenya: UN meet assesses global warming Israel: Urgent appeal to stop siege of Gaza

European youth defend democracy

In the aftermath of the official banning of the communist youth league in the Czech Republic, and in defiance of that ban, 15 European communist youth groups met in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, Oct. 27-29.

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