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Obama, race and the future of U.S. politics

Barack Obama’s victory is indeed an historic breakthrough for U.S. politics. In a country that enforced a system of legalized racism until just 40 years ago, and that was founded on white supremacy, black slavery and Native genocide, the election of the first black president is cause for jubilation.

Historic local victory points the way forward

RICHMOND, Calif. — Along with its historic national result, the 2008 election brought groundbreaking local victories, too — among them, passage of Measure T by this city’s voters. The measure, called by its supporters “A Fair Share for Richmond,” upgrades the fee the city’s largest manufacturers must pay for business licenses to one quarter of 1 percent of the value of the raw materials they use each year.


Honoring Ohio's unsung heroes of 2008 elections

Speaking to scores of activists in labor, community, farm, retiree and other progressive movements at events in three Ohio cities, Sam Webb, national chairman of the Communist Party USA, called for all out grassroots efforts to realize the potential for progressive change brought about by the November elections.


Yes we can!

From left to right, Sophie Rodenbush and Amber Rose Rodriguez had one message, “Yes we can,” which was the sentiment at this year’s Martin Luther King Day March which the 8th graders from Manhattan Country School hold each year.

OPINION: Onward for a more responsible U.S.

The world can breathe a little easier now that the new president of this country, my country, urges our people to take responsibility for this new age with grave challenges – to meet the challenges of climate change, unbridled militarism, economic and social and political disruption and inequalities globally. Past policies have been insane, threatening life as we know it on this planet.

There is plenty of hope for progress if we struggle as a people

Originally published on LatinoLA, Jan. 7, The change in the White House and Congress is significant, important victories can be won Just imagine if John McCain and Sara Palin had been elected.