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Suddenly it's OK to call a judicial nominee a racist

When the nation learned in 2005 that Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito had belonged to a Princeton University alumni organization that advocated a cap on the number of women and minorities allowed at Princeton, the news media quickly circled the wagons to protect the Bush nominee.


Calcium is key to strong bones for a lifetime

Drink your milk—it’s often a message to children, but adults can also benefit from this advice.


COMMENTARY Cancer: a journey taken together

Cancer is a journey you do not want to take, yet millions of people all over the world experience that journey.

Swine flu outbreak raises wider questions

The death of a 23-month-old toddler in Texas yesterday was the first U.S. death in the swine flu outbreak that has killed 159 people in Mexico so far. It adds to the mounting worry here and abroad about the spread of this potentially deadly virus. It also raises many questions about the sustainability of food production on the corporate model. But predictably, the ultra-right in the U.S. is trying to hijack the issue for its racist and anti-immigrant agenda.

OPINION: Cuba and Venezuela are not enemies

The Obama administration did the right thing when they ordered the closing of the Guantanemo torture prison, and restored the right of US Cubans to travel and send remittances to their relatives on the island nation.

Unnatural disasters: Auto crisis highlights need to save pensions

The grave situation facing the auto industry is bringing into sharp focus the sorry state in which the Bush regime left our nation’s entire retiree security structure. A recent New York Times piece highlights the pro-corporate bias that has permeated the “mainstream” media’s coverage of this crisis.

The presidents bad joke and the GOPs backwardness

The hallowed halls of political power in Washington, DC are known for a great many things. But if we’re being entirely candid, humor is not among them. This is not to say that the inhabitants of the city are incapable of being funny, even when laughter is not the response the politicians desired.

Stop foreclosures - support the Trodys

Last Friday twelve members of the Trody family were kicked out of their home in Liberty City and forced to live in truck over the weekend. On Monday they took the right action and reclaimed their home defying an eviction order from Miami Dade County Sheriff.

The gender card

Once again, we see that there are no boundaries when it comes to making outrageously sexist remarks with impunity. The latest example can be found in a nationally televised interview involving former Republican Congressman Dick Armey.

Charles Darwin at 200: Solidarity is the best survival strategy

The 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth, Feb. 12, brought back memories of a college course I took in which the topic was “social Darwinism,” a philosophy that exalted dog-eat-dog greed in the name of “survival of the fittest.”

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