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Bush ataca derecho femenino

“La dama fue a la ventana y dijo, ‘Perdona, pero no voy poder llenar su receta’. Yo dije, ¿Hay algo mal con la receta? Y ella contestó, “No, es que yo personalmente no creo en control de la natalidad”.

Shows over and now reality hits: Go Bill

CHICAGO – If you knew me, you’d have known, that my money was on Bill to win TV’s first real-life reality show.

A doctor defends the right to choose

Book Review Choice: A Doctor’s Experience with the Abortion Dilemma By Don Sloan, M.D., with Paula Hartz International Publishers, 2002 Softcover, 201 pp., $9.95

Latina singer knows breast cancers risks

Latinas in the United States are among the least likely to contract breast cancer and among the most likely to die from it.

This article is rated TV-G

Opinion Both of the TV sets in my small Brooklyn apartment are equipped with the V-chip. The one in the living room even has a whole “parental control” menu. As of July 1999, all sets 13 inches and larger were required to have these built-in features.

Capitalism and jobs the fundamentals

Opinion The U.S. working class is facing a new, powerful, ominous and ongoing crisis. Despite a profit recovery, it is suffering growing chronic unemployment.

Hubris and Cheney

Opinion When I was a 17-year-old freshman at the Cornell College of Architecture, I was required to take an elective in the College of Liberal Arts every semester. I suppose this policy was intended to make us little brutes “better-rounded,” but it had unintended consequences, at least for me.

We refuse to go back!

Opinion Legislation governing reproduction is dangerous to us all, unless it assures an individual the right to make decisions privately and without interference, and to receive reproductive care in safe, legal circumstances.

Texans on taxes

DALLAS – Halliburton has a big office building in Carrollton, Texas, just outside the Dallas City limits. Forty to 50 protesters gathered there on April 15 to show their outrage with corporate profiteering at the expense of the Iraqi people....