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U. of Miami hunger strikers hospitalized

CORAL GABLES, Fla. — As of April 19, striking University of Miami janitors were into the 16th day of their hunger strike. Student hunger strikers were on day eight.


M1s Confidential disappoints: Revolutionary message missing

Revolutionary hip hop artists constantly face the reality of being typecast as “conscious,” which means that they may never achieve mainstream appeal. Their audience is going to consist of mainly white liberal students, not the Black youth of urban and rural America, which is their intended audience. So in an attempt to reach Black youth in a mass way, Dead Prez continues its battle to not be restricted to the political arena. But at what cost?


Flaming Lips releases: At War with the Mystics

The Flaming Lips may finally achieve mainstream success with “At War With the Mystics,” their most accessible and radio-friendly release yet


Watch movies? Improve your world: Syriana fights pollution with renewable energy

It’s Hollywood meets See a movie — take action. This Earth Day, April 22, you can watch “Syriana” then write to Congress to demand a new approach to energy consumption. Or you can watch “An Inconvenient Truth” and join the Stop Global Warming Virtual March. Both actions are helped along by, an online community of film lovers who want a better world.

SLAP corporate greed on campuses

College campuses nationwide are centers for free thought and the exchange of ideas. But recently, some of these hubs of objectivity have been subjected disproportionately to corporate interests over the common interests of students and campus employees.

Sweeping out the homeless is no answer!

In Los Angeles, civic leaders and business interests decided to employ a policy previously applied in New York — using police sweeps to great effect in cleanup, but with poor regard for rights protection — to remove an unwanted population from a now desirable “Nebo”hood.

We need each other

It is simply amazing that all the newspapers and all the electronic news can be so full of information about undocumented workers while the real issue is never mentioned.

Stealth mercury polluters: Chlorine producers lose 130 tons of the deadly contaminant

It’s no secret that mercury pollution in our environment is a global health problem. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has warned women of childbearing age and children to limit the amount and types of fish they eat, due to mercury contamination.

Arkansas coalition scores minimum wage victory

Give Arkansas a Raise Now (GARN), a broad coalition of labor, religious and community groups, succeeded in getting a minimum wage bill signed into law on April 10.

CWA involves members in planning for unions future

The Communications Workers of America has embarked on an extraordinary venture in union democracy. It is providing all members with a detailed picture of the union’s current status and inviting them to offer suggestions and opinions, no matter how critical, on how best to strengthen the union and its mission in the years ahead.

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