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El legado de Martn Luther King

Esta semana se cumple el 40 aniversario de la muerte de líder afronorteamericano por los derechos civiles, Martín Luther King. King fue asesinado en Memphis, Tenesí en abril 4, 1968. Él estaba en Memphis apoyando a los trabajadores de sanidad, en su totalidad afronorteamericanos.

Rally demands end to gun violence

CHICAGO — Turning grief and shock to anger and action, nearly 1,000 Chicago public high school students, including teachers, administrators, parents, religious leaders and elected officials rallied here April 1 against the crisis of gun violence plaguing the city. The rally was called in response to the 21st shooting death of a public school student this school year.

Exhibit features African American artists

HOUSTON — The beauty and genius of Black artists was readily apparent in a new exhibit titled “Art Official Intelligence” at the University Museum at Texas Southern University, which opened last February and ended March 22.


A story of love, sacrifice and struggle

Every day immigrants trek across the dangerous U.S.-Mexico border and are forced to find work here because jobs in their home countries are scarce or nonexistent. Free trade agreements like NAFTA, globalization, neoliberalism, the outsourcing of jobs and small businesses, the exploitation of workers and a U.S. foreign policy that puts profits before people’s needs are a constant reality for immigrant families in their home countries.

Graduate students win at University of Michigan

The sounds of building construction at the University of Michigan were replaced March 25 by the jubilant chants of over 600 picketers demanding a fair contract between the university and the Graduate Employees Organization.


Company fails to pressure striking workers

DETROIT — More than 3,650 members of the United Auto Workers at American Axle have been on strike in Michigan, Indiana and New York since Feb. 26. The strike is affecting General Motors operations throughout North America.

Defeating McCain

Democratic primary and caucus voters in record numbers have given Barack Obama a lead in both the popular vote and delegates. He is expected to continue to lead in popular vote and pledged delegates through the remaining primaries and caucuses.

Mexico readies for battle on oil privatization

The right-wing government of President Felipe Calderon is about to present a plan which opponents fear will entail the privatization of Mexico’s government-owned petroleum industry. Battles are already developing within and between the major political parties about how to respond to this governmental plan.

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