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Public television to air Every Mothers Son

“Every Mother’s Son,” a documentary by Tami Gold and Kelly Anderson based on three instances of police brutality against unarmed young men in New York City, premieres on PBS’ “POV” Tuesday, Aug. 17, at 10 p.m. eastern time.

Understanding what went wrong in the USSR

Bookreview Socialism Betrayed: Behind the Collapse of the Soviet Union By Roger Keeran & Thomas Kenny International Publishers, 2004 Softcover, 230 pp., $14.00

Lessons in outreach from a funeral?

What can the funeral of one of the founders of scientific socialism tell us about an approach to present day realities?

Speaking the truth about Cuba

The Venceremos Brigade was formed in 1969 as a means of showing solidarity with the Cuban struggle and challenging U.S. policies against that country.

Collision on I-75

A new book just published by the American Public Health Association takes a rather well-known disaster — the 1990 pile-up of over 100 vehicles in a dense fog bank on Interstate 75, near Chattanooga, Tenn., which left 12 people dead and dozens seriously injured — and dissects it so that everyone can benefit via regulatory action.

Venezuela on alert against provocations

CARACAS — Venezuelan authorities are on high alert due to possible violent actions by radical sectors of the conservative opposition as the Aug. 15 recall referendum on President Hugo Chavez approaches.

Iraqi unions keep workers hopes alive

LONDON — In 1963, when Subhi Abdullah Mashadani was a railroad worker, he was arrested by Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party because of his political activism and imprisoned for eight years. He was one of the many progressive Iraqis forced to operate underground inside their country before the fall of the regime.

Film, family and Jim Taylor

Carolyn Black was a young girl when her cousin Jim moved into the third floor of the family’s six-flat. “He loved taking pictures of anything and anybody,” Black said. “He introduced to all the young people on the block how to take pictures.”

National Clips

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.: Dems gain turnout edge in primary / CARSON NATIONAL FOREST, N.M.: Bush steps in for gas company profits / JACKSONVILLE, Fla.: Dirty tricks, again, in Florida / WASHINGTON: International observers to monitor vote / ATMORE, Ala.: State executes 74-year-old inmate

A message from the editor. Billiken: Only the best for kids

Bud Billiken is a fictional character from the creative minds at the Chicago Defender newspaper.