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US mining-giant employees ambushed in Indonesia

Gunmen have ambushed employees of US mining giant Freeport in the Indonesian province of Papua, killing a security guard and wounding five others. The attack was mounted near the spot where police units were investigating the fatal shooting a day earlier of an Australian national working for the transnational.

'Slumdog' child star moves into new Mumbai flat

The 'Slumdog Millionaire' child star Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail and his mother moved from slum shanty into their new apartment in Mumbai, according to media reports Wednesday.

Ukrainians seek to rename village after Michael Jackson

Residents of a Ukrainian village are seeking to rename it after the late pop singer Michael Jackson, media reports said Wednesday.

Pride Month: Suggested reading and viewing

These days you can find many LGBT titles at your local public library, nearby bookstore, and of course online. These include poetry, graphic novels and comics, classic and contemporary fiction and a whole lot more. Share your suggestions at


WORLDNOTES: Canada, Russia, Iraq, Japan, Latin America and Cuba

Canada: Trade pact approved Russia: Workers protest plant closings Iraq: Kurdish region to vote on new constitution Japan: Differences over North Korea Latin America: ALBA is growing Cuba: Economic crisis affects agriculture

The hemispheric significance of the Honduras events

Honduran President Manuel Zelaya has announced he will return to his country this weekend, accompanied by a distinguished group of Latin American and International figures including Organization of American States Secretary General José Miguel Insulza and the presidents of Argentina and Ecuador. He had originally planned to return on Thursday July 2, but postponed his arrival to allow for an ultimatum the OAS have given to the acting president of Honduras to expire. Although the illegal regime set up by the people who carried out the coup have threatened to arrest Zelaya if he returns, my guess is that the coup is done for, and that Zelaya’s return will be a march of triumph.

Who wants to kill the bees?

The bee may have inhabited the earth for more than 80 million years- long before Man-and has survived all the upheavals of our planet, but its present situation has become a focal point for all countries involved in intensive agriculture. Although there are many reasons which could to explain the phenomenon, the most likely protagonist is to be found in the use of phyto-pharmaceutic products and particularly powerful pesticides especially the systemic neuro-toxics used to coat the seeds, such as the well-known Gaucho or Regent.

Victim spots muggers using Google maps

Dutch twin brothers who mugged a teenager in the northern town of Groningen were arrested after being caught on camera by a car gathering images for Google's online photo map service, police said.

Turkey's sex workers seek to establish a union

Turkey's sex workers seek to establish a union ISTANBUL – Activists and sex workers in Turkey are working on a project to establish Turkey’s first sex workers union. They are hopeful about finding a solution to their problems and changing society’s approach toward sex workers. They will organize an awareness walk to bring attention to their issues

Victim forces 3 robbers to seek police help

Three robbers had to get police help after their intended victim fought back with a knife in Foshan, Guangdong province, on Thursday.

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