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The misleading of the people

“The news is commercialized,” said my friend, a physician from Chicago. “I do not like watching TV any more. They keep repeating the same story day in and day out.”

Farm bill update: no good news yet

When I was a young, innocent and self-important poet, I planned to call my first book of poems “Cassandra.”

Israeli demonstrators say End occupation

JERUSALEM – Hundreds of Israelis marched on West Jerusalem’s Paris Square last Saturday to protest the war policies of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Chilean police attack Communist offices

Hundreds of Carabineros (national police), armed with with water cannons and tear gas bombs, attacked the offices of the Communist Party of Chile (CPC) in Santiago Nov. 28.

Anti-bilingual law challenged in Arizona

TUCSON, Ariz. – In a lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for Arizona the William E. Morris Institute for Justice (Justice Institute) has challenged the constitutionality of voter-approved Proposition 203, which places severe limitations on the provision of bilingual education.

Latino coalition urges drug law reform

NEW YORK – Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer joined New York State Assemblymen Peter Rivera and Jeffrion Aubry, and Latino Health and Justice Coalition leaders Dec. 6 to call on Gov. George Pataki to support the New York State Assembly’s plan for Rockefeller Drug Law Reform this year during the planned upcoming special legislative session.

UT students speak out

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – More than 100 students, faculty and community activists gathered on the steps of the College of Law at the University of Tennessee (UT) here Nov. 30 to protest the pending dismantlement of affirmative action in higher education.

Buffalo layoffs protested

BUFFALO, N.Y. – “We’ll remember in November” was the message for Gov. George Pataki, chanted loud and clear at a rally of over 1,500 students, parents and teachers at city hall here Dec. 3.

Unemployment whats going on?

On Dec. 6, The Associated Press (AP) reported that the number of laid-off workers had dropped and “the number of Americans receiving unemployment benefits plunged by 349,000 in November,” indications that “the current recession may be bottoming out.”

Airport screeners protest firings

SAN FRANCISCO – Baggage screeners at San Francisco and Oakland airports carried out an informational picketline protest at the terminals and handed out flyers asking for public support to keep their jobs.

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