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How to find Toronto Film Festival films

Progressive Cinema Our series on the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival will continue in January. This week, we’re taking a break to offer you some tips on finding films from last year’s Festival.

A humane and non-belligerent foreign policy

The People’s Weekly World editorial Nov. 9 commented on continuing the political struggle against Bush’s policies, domestic and foreign. Obviously all readers of this paper will agree, the question becomes how to reach the people who don’t subscribe or who don’t know our paper is here.

The necessary thing to do

On Dec. 10, I was part of a very moving and spiritually uplifting rally organized by the National Council of Churches. It was a cold morning at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza across from United Nations headquarters, but the camaraderie quickly warmed me.

Brazilian activist speaks to Cleveland labor

Brazilian political scientist Luis Fernandes was given a warm welcome by the Cleveland labor movement in his visit here Dec. 11.

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