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How to pass the Employee Free Choice Act

Passing the Employee Free Choice Act will require a massive shift in the culture of the labor movement, Communications Workers President Larry Cohen told national union leaders gathered for the AFL-CIO’s organizing summit.


Denouncing the killings in Oaxaca

The Mexican Consulate in downtown Sacramento, Calif., locked its doors Dec. 1 when protesters lined up with signs condemning the Mexican government’s violence against thousands of strikers in Oaxaca. At least 17 strikers have been killed

PWW events salute peoples leaders

Dec. 3 was a day the People’s Weekly World can be proud of. Still celebrating the results of the Nov. 7 elections, readers held banquets and dinners in various places across the country, attracting elected officials, leaders of people’s movements and rank-and-file fighters for justice and democracy.

Colombian prisoner holds Bush prosecutors at bay

An extraordinary trial, remarkable among other things for a novel legal doctrine unveiled by the Bush administration during the course of it, ended as a mistrial Nov. 21 in Washington.


Two films, two journeys

A few years ago, the entire life’s work of French communist director Robert Guédiguian was screened in a retrospective tribute at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Book Review: The question of torture, then and now

Henri Alleg’s book “The Question” is a searing, firsthand account of the torture that the author experienced during the Battle of Algiers. Although it was first published in 1958, it is a book that should still be read today: “the question” of torture is, unfortunately, still with us.



Supporters rally for Mumia Abu-Jamal

PHILADELPHIA — Freezing temperatures did not keep hundreds of supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal from rallying at City Hall Dec. 9 to demand a new trial and freedom for Abu-Jamal.

Raytheon strikers get a boost

TUCSON, Ariz. — Striking workers at Raytheon here got a morale boost Dec. 8 with a show of community solidarity in honor of International Human Rights Day.


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