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Hoosiers say no to privatization scheme

INDIANAPOLIS — Gov. Mitch Daniels and Family and Social Services Administration Secretary Mitch Roob are planning to privatize the food stamp and other state welfare application processes in Indiana. On Dec. 8, over 300 Hoosiers braved single-digit temperatures to attend the only public hearing on the matter.

Pacific Northwest Native people a brief history

The story of how three Northwest states acquired much of their land includes a war, an execution and eviction. 2006 marks the 150th anniversary of the end of that war, with repercussions still felt today.

Chicago banquet celebrates, and dances

CHICAGO — Grupo Yubá, a group of Puerto Rican percussionists, singers and dancers who issued the first CD of “bomba” and “plena” music in Chicago, drew listeners into a spontaneous dance during this year’s festive People’s Weekly World banquet here Dec. 3.

European Union embraces repressive laws

New, repressive measures will soon be implemented in the European Union in the name of “combating terrorism.” Critics say the measures are actually aimed at nipping a growing European left-wing radicalism in the bud.


Dixie Chicks still ashamed of the president

The new documentary about the media flurry around the Dixie Chicks singing band brings recent American history into clear focus.


Profile of a Hollywood blacklist victim

The Hollywood blacklist of communist and suspected communist writers, actors, directors and others is widely viewed as having been an unconstitutional attack on civil liberties and political rights. Few people understand the basis on which the blacklist was imposed and the effects it had on the film industry.




2006: The ultra-right crashed in flames

WASHINGTON — 2006 was the year the people of the United States went to the polls and voted to end right-wing Republican majority control of the House, Senate and Statehouses across the nation.

Too late Milton Friedman

Had Milton Friedman landed on earth in 1712, his work may have earned a mention in early national accounting schemes. But he was born in 1912, too late.


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