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Protesters say turn on the heat

CHICAGO — Angry city residents suffering without heat have joined advocates for low-income energy assistance to hold numerous protests to get household heat turned back on in thousands of homes across Chicago. On Jan. 18 they marched on the office of Gov. Rod Blagojevich, demanding he take emergency action.

Gala opening for Chicagos Unity Center

CHICAGO — A new political landmark will throw its doors open here, Feb. 12, for a gala open house. The Unity Center, operated by the Workers Education Society (WES), is a newly renovated “green” building, which is the new home of the People’s Weekly World editorial office.

One familys response to the State of the Union address

When Mr. Bush gave the State of the Union address, he spoke of Iraq as a country which Americans are really proud of, because they voted Jan. 30 — although we well know it is a very immoral situation.

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