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The presidents bad joke and the GOPs backwardness

The hallowed halls of political power in Washington, DC are known for a great many things. But if we’re being entirely candid, humor is not among them. This is not to say that the inhabitants of the city are incapable of being funny, even when laughter is not the response the politicians desired.

The gender card

Once again, we see that there are no boundaries when it comes to making outrageously sexist remarks with impunity. The latest example can be found in a nationally televised interview involving former Republican Congressman Dick Armey.

600,000 jobs lost: How bad does it have to get for Republicans to act?

Original source: With today’s unemployment report showing nearly 600,000 jobs lost in January—worsening the U.S. unemployment rate from 7.2 percent to 7.6 percent—will obstructionist Republicans in Congress finally move the economic recovery bill?

Working families need jobs; Senate Republicans want tax cuts for wealthy

Original source: With the nation’s economy sinking deeper and deeper into recession and more and more workers losing their jobs, Senate Republicans are playing a partisan game of ideological chicken over President Obama’s economic recovery package. They appear to be saying, “Give us even greater tax cuts for big business and millionaires, or we will do all we can to kill this bill.”

The iron fist in Texas is on his way out

The iron fist in Texas is on his way out. No, not George Bush. Texas House Speaker Republican Tom Craddick has withdrawn his candidacy for a fourth term as Speaker of the Texas State House of Representatives.