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CARTOON: Jan. 19

A new Gilded Age: The rich get richer, working families get debt

Three recent New York Times articles have captured the essence of a new gilded age in America: “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” by Bob Herbert; “The Richest of Rich, Proud of the A New Gilded Age,” by Louis Uchitelle; and “Report Says that the Rich are Getting Richer Faster, Much Faster,” by David K. Johnston. The current gilded age has been fueled by deep tax cuts for the wealthy and mountains of debt — government debt, corporate debt and household debt — plus the inhumanely cheap labor of globalization.

Unions go all-out for Kucinich re-election

CLEVELAND — At a rally here this month with hundreds of labor leaders, public officials and community supporters, Dennis Kucinich kicked off his campaign for a seventh term in Congress, defiantly blasting corporate interests seeking to unseat him.


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