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ACORN, SEIU unite for immigrant rights

CHICAGO – In the midst of record summer heat, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 880 joined together July 1 to stage a large protest in the Downtown Loop here against federal government plans to force countless numbers of decent and hardworking immigrants and residents out of work.

U.S. bombing kills at least 40 at Afghan wedding

KABUL – According to Reuters and other news agencies, a U.S. plane bombed a village in a central Afghan province, July 1, killing at least 40 members of a wedding party and injuring many more.

Bringing Brechts words to life

Brecht on Brecht, Theater by the Blind Through June 30, at The Blue Heron Arts Center, 123 E. 24th St. (between Park-Lex) $19, $15 seniors and students – call smartix 212-206-1515 or show up 45 minutes before the show.

Nickel and Dimed

The grim statistics stare out from The New York Times: in 2001 the average top chief executive made $10,457,800, a figure that is 410 times as much as the average worker’s salary of $25,466.

Current global economy increases poverty, report states

The global economy is leaving millions of people in poverty, according to a recent report. In Rigged Rules and Double Standards, the human rights group Oxfam reports that the rules of the global economy favor the rich.

The way out of capitalist lying, cheating and stealing

The roll call of corporate fraud – from Enron to Tyco; from Adelphia to Dynegy – keeps lengthening, with the addition of WorldCom, accused of listing $3.9 billion as “investment” rather than as expenses for maintainence and repair, thus reporting high profits rather than substantial losses.

COINTELPRO specter haunts Black America

The announcement by the FBI that it was propagating new guidelines that would extend far-reaching powers to its agents to monitor the internet, snoop in mosques and keep an eye on people everywhere from the local library to a protest demonstration was met with reactions within the Black community ranging from disbelief to anger and fear accompanied by calls to resist this unconstitutional encroachment on civil liberties and the right to dissent.

Surveilling students: Same old, same old

As an undergraduate at American University, I had the surprise of finding that the campus administration had handed over information on me to the South African embassy (I was a South African citizen at that time). As a graduate student at Northwestern University, I was shocked to learn that campus security had drilled peepholes into the walls of the stalls in the men’s washrooms. Later, it was learned that authorities at a nearby academic institution had passed information on the political activities of Iranian students to the SAVAK secret police. Students and others across the country raised hell about these abuses.

One nation, under socialist ideals ... who would have thunk it?

As soon as I saw the ruling, I could see the headlines. It was a no-brainer. About as predictable as George W. calling everyone who doesn’t agree with him an “evil-doer.”

The decline of the dollar

There is growing instability in global currency markets. Since February, the dollar has declined more than ten percent against both the euro and the yen. But it has risen sharply against the currencies of Mexico, Brazil and several other countries.

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