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Harry Bridges and the ILWU From Wharf Rats to Lords of the Docks

The life and times of Harry Bridges are so closely linked with the history of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) that it is impossible to write about one without writing about both – and this writer is not going to try.

Family farms and the estate tax

The U.S. Senate vote June 12 to preserve the inheritance estate tax has stirred fury in White House circles, with George W. Bush’s top adviser, Karl C. Rove, calling for “a war” on Senate Democrats who blocked the administration’s bill for permanent repeal of what they call the “death tax.”

Unions unite to organize port truckers

LOS ANGELES – An attempt by the Teamsters to organize approximately 15,000 port truckers on the West Coast will be one of the focus issues of the upcoming Solidarity Day rallies to be held on June 27.

Nobody knows your name

Steve Buscemi, Dermot Mulroney, Catherine Keener and James LeGros all starred in Tom DiCillo’s Living in Oblivion.

Its no picnic for independent filmmakers

NEW YORK – Tom DiCillo’s Living in Oblivion is a cult classic – which means most people have never heard of it.

Violence spirals in Jerusalem and West Bank

Two terrorist bombings within 24 hours in Jerusalem have sent the crisis in Israel and Palestine into a deeper spiral at a time of mounting pressure for establishing a Palestinain state.

Venezuela still at risk despite coup defeat

WASHINGTON – From the Bush administration’s standpoint, the less said the better about the abortive April 12 coup to oust Venezuela’s elected president, Hugo Chavez, an extraordinary defeat for the world’s sole superpower.

CPUSA nears fund drive goal

The Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts and New Jersey state organizations of the Communist Party are the first four districts to reach their goals and beyond for the 2002 fund drive. The fund drive committee sent them hearty congratulations.

Environmental voter group targets S. Dakota race

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) has named Rep. John Thune (R-S.D.) first on its 2002 list of “Dirty Dozen” congressmen for his voting record on environmental issues. The league is targeting Thune for defeat in his race with Democrat Tim Johnson for Johnson’s Senate seat.

Kashmir conflict remains dangerous

NEW DELHI, India – These are the statements of the two heads of the Indian sub-continent, spekaing in Kazhakistan, where they were attending a high-level conference on security in South Asia.

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