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Palestine film festival in Chicago

Seven films focusing on the Palestinian experience, presented along with some of the directors, make up the 5th Annual Chicago Palestine Film Festival (CPFF) at the Gene Siskel Film Center May 6-24.


MovieREVIEW Take a broader look Kekexili: Mountain Patrol

Take a broader look at your world by going into the mountains with a ragtag patrol of Tibetan park rangers. Climb to a plain four miles high where the oxygen barely exists, the mountains threaten to crush you with their grotesque beauty, the very earth betrays, and the night stars drip down into you.


BOOKREVIEW: Building an empire with religion, oil and debt

Author Kevin Phillips is back again with his “American Theocracy,” an especially informative historical, political and economic analysis of what he believes are the three major perils facing the U.S. today: “Reckless dependency on shrinking oil supplies, a milieu of radicalized (and much too influential) religion, and a reliance on borrowed money — debt in its ballooning size and multiple domestic and international deficits.”

Just one minute

Just imagine, in one little minute you could have earned your whole year’s wages and then some, and had the rest of the year off to spend it. Crazy? Oh no!


Join a new mothers revolution

On Mother’s Day — the highly commercialized U.S. corporate version, not the antiwar vision of Juliet Ward Howe — we are bombarded with paeans about how worshipped, respected and revered Motherhood is in this country. A new book, “The Motherhood Manifesto,” and a new movement, Momsrising, tell us that this isn’t so in the real-life world of working mothers and their families.

EDITORIAL: A hyena in charge of the jackals' den?

Democracy-minded Americans have long had ample reason to be concerned about the activities of the CIA and the broader intelligence community of which it is a part. Those concerns have taken a new turn with the Bush administration’s nomination of Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden to be the spy agency’s next director.EDITORIAL:

EDITORIAL: Celebrate mothers fight for peace, justice

Certainly it is good that we have displays of devotion on Mother’s Day, roses and chocolates, taking Mom out to dinner. But there is a need to reclaim the idea of Mother’s Day proposed by Julia Ward Howe back in 1870. Her “Mother’s Day Proclamation” reads in part, “Arise then, women of this day. ... From the bosom of the devastated Earth, a voice goes up with our own. It says, ‘Disarm! Disarm!’”

HR 676 offers Rx for Cover the Uninsured week

WASHINGTON (PAI) — A bill establishing a government-run Canadian style single-payer health care system for the U.S., built on Medicare, is gaining union backers, coincidentally as “Cover the Uninsured” week ran from May 1-7. The measure, HR 676 by Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), would eliminate the private, for-profit health insurance industry by establishing a government-run system.

Missouri miners demand card check neutrality

ST. LOUIS — Demanding that Peabody Energy, the world’s largest coal company, accept a “card check neutrality” process which would allow its workers to unionize with the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA), over 100 trade unionists and community activists rallied outside of the annual Peabody shareholders meeting here May 5.


Burma: Epidemics linked to junta Angola: Rebuilding postwar countryside Palestine: A people under siege Vietnam: Communist Party congress Mexico: Activists under attack

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