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Experts warn vs. attacking Iran

More than 200 scholars, academics, commentators and former U.S. government officials have issued a strong condemnation of the threat of U.S. military action against Iran and called on the Bush administration to enter into direct negotiations with the government in Tehran.


Baseball heroes: YCL, Daily Worker hold place in baseballs struggle hall of fame

The fight to integrate Major League Baseball has many stories and players. One that the Young Communist League can take particular pride in is the role of the Daily Worker (the “grandmother” of the People’s Weekly World) and its sports editor Lester Rodney.

Brooklyn elections and the developers

Big cities have been the bastion of the working-class and labor movement and of the racially and nationally oppressed. Most elected officials from these cities are Democrats. Virtually all of the trade unionists, African Americans and Latinos and most of the women elected to public office come from these cities and were elected on the Democratic line.



Considering The Israel Lobby

A recent article by two prominent political science professors has touched off heated debate. “The Israel Lobby,” by John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and Stephen Walt of Harvard, outlines what it calls “the unmatched power” of pro-Israeli-government lobbying groups in influencing U.S. foreign policy and in controlling debate on U.S.-Israeli relations.


This week in labor

Meat packers win overtime pay; Pride at Work convenes; Strike vote in aluminum; Cintas fined on living wage; N.Y. NEA, AFT merge; Paper workers unite; CLUW opposes right wing health takeaway; Bush zaps energy workers’ pensions; IBEW says ‘Lock’ out privatization

Rank-and-filers demand Employee Free Choice Act

WASHINGTON (PAI) — Bob Boyle was fired April 28 from Oesterling’s Sandblasting Co., just outside Butler, Pa. “I wanted a little better and safer place to work,” said the 17-year veteran of the plant. Boyle and two other men, all fired for trying to organize for the Steelworkers union, described the hostility, lies and obstacles they encountered in their organizing drives during a May 8 lobbying effort by the union here.


Nepal: People celebrate their victory Italy: Strike halts buses Israel: Supreme court denies family reunification Colombia: Gov’t attacks protesters Korea: U.S. mulling peace treaty


Venezuela, Libya to aid African nations

Venezuela and Libya will offer free medical aid and discounted oil to developing countries in Africa, Libyan Foreign Minister Abdel Rahman Shalqam said May 18.


Venezuelas revolution reaches across continents

Chavez, Morales cause stir in Europe U.S. patients to get free eye surgery Washington blocks arms sales to Venezuela

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