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Protesters hold second day's march on Wall Street

Thousands of protesters marched in Manhattan for the second day in a row on Wall Street today, to call for an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and for more government aid for struggling working people.

New Yorkers fight City Hall on taxes

NEW YORK — Tens of thousands of people— unionists, community members, religious leaders and elected officials—came out here, March 5, at City Hall and in cities across the state to demand a fair budget for working people, and that the rich pay their fair share in taxes.

Passing EFCA is single most important thing for worker safety

The first and foremost thing workers can do to protect their safety and health is to join a union. Without a union to protect them, rights to safe and healthful working conditions are a legal abstraction.

New York City Council passes resolution to keep families together

NEW YORK — Immigrant rights supporters won a huge victory March 26 when the New York City Council passed Resolution 1250 by a nearly unanimous vote, calling on the U.S. Congress to pass the Child Citizen Protection Act (HR 1176).