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Iraq under U.S. Occupation?

From the White House, reports leak out about plans for an Iraq after the Ba’th (the ruling party of Iraq). The main scenarios do not allow for the development of democracy in Iraq. Each of them is built on a racist assumption: that the Iraqis either need a military dictator or else a monarch – any form of democracy is impossible to imagine.

Jazz fusion & Revolution of Love

CD Reviews Jazz fusion & Revolution of Love

Toronto International Film Festival 2002 Part 2

Progressive Cinema Documentaries have always carried the connotation of truthful reality. Obviously this is insufficient to describe an art form that has expanded into such new arenas that the original term has almost lost its meaning.

Conference to fight FTAA convenes

HAVANA – Over 1,000 delegates from around the world, primarily from the Americas, are gathered here for the Second Hemispheric Conference of Struggle Against the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). Conference participants came from every country in North, Central and South America, and from all the Caribbean countries.

Baltimore City Council hears residents: Stop the War on Iraq!

BALTIMORE – Anti-war activists crowded the ornate City Council chamber Nov. 20 to testify in support of a council resolution by Councilman Kwame Abayomi opposing George W. Bush’s threat of 'unilateral, preemptive military action against Iraq.'

Carpenters union to rejoin AFL-CIO

WASHINGTON (Press Associates Union News) – Ending a long split, the Carpenters will reaffiliate with the AFL-CIO on Dec. 1, according to a memo to local councils from Federation Building and Construction Trades Department President Edward C. Sullivan.

Civil rights groups blast court nominees

Defenders of the Bill of Rights warned that Senate votes to confirm Dennis Shedd and Michael McConnell to the Fourth and Tenth Circuit Courts of Appeal is part of the Bush administration’s plan to pack the judiciary with ultra-rightists, turning back the clock on civil rights and civil liberties.

The unwelcome guest at your holiday dinner

Opinion As the holidays approach, thoughts inevitably turn to an important part of these celebrations – food and, in particular, turkey. We may also wish to consider the health and environmental impacts of how the meat for our holiday meal is raised.

Beating the Bushes at reality

Opinion Truth, morality, organization, and solidarity – these are the keys to defeating the Bushes and Bushites. The son of a Bush occupying the White House, and his brother Ol’ Jeb the millionaire, the Florida governor, want us to listen to their words about democracy and justice and ignore their actions against democracy and justice. But they can be beat.

International notes

Czech Republic: Protests vs NATO summit / Ecuador: New president promises to ‘give voice to poor’ / Thailand-Indonesia: Demonstration for Shangri-La workers / World Days for Children: 246 million children working / European Union: Report says EU lacks minority protections

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