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U.S. and West Africa: Strategic shift

According to the Oct. 4 issue of the Financial Times, Nigeria and Angola are expressing grave concern about U.S. plans to establish a military base in Sao Tome and Principe, within hailing distance of Abuja and Luanda.

Whats the rush, Mr. President?

Along with probably a few billion others on this planet, I keep asking, “What’s the rush, Mr. President?” The Bush administration seems intent on going to war with Iraq over the objections of most nations. In the face of questioning from prominent leaders, we get few specifics.

Bossa Nova, Flamenco are back

CD Reviews Samba Bossa Nova, Putumayo World Music, 2002 When Bossa Nova reached North America in the late 1950s, audiences eagerly embraced the cool, breezy Brazilian music. While the whispered vocals of performers such as Astrud Gilberto and Carlos Jobim won a loyal following and musical recognition, the musical genre’s popularity did not endure.

Exonerated: Powerful anti-death penalty theater

Review NEW YORK – One by one they emerge out of the darkness onto the stage. One by one they begin to tell their stories – each one different; each one the same. They are the lucky ones. They are “the exonerated.”

Unions back fired prof. for soil & water post

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – With the motto, “Protect the real Florida – for working people!” Russell Pelle is running hard for the Soil and Water Conservation Board in Duval County, hammering Republican Gov. Jeb Bush for coddling corporate polluters and real estate developers.

Retirees take on AKSteel

ROSEMONT, Ill. – Scores of active Indiana steelworkers and retired Chicago workers greeted executives and customers of AK (Armco-Kawasaki) Steel Corporation with an angry picket line, Oct. 8, demanding a contract.

Frame-ups haunt Illinois GOP candidate

Commentary The 1985 attempt by Jim Ryan, the Republican candidate for governor and Joe Birkett, the Republican candidate for Illinois attorney general, to frame two Latino men has become a red-hot issue in the Illinois elections.

The socio-economic cost of Pax Americana

The U.S. is currently engaged in wars around the world; some big and about to get bigger; some small; some covert; some on the drawing board.

In transit

Worker’s correspondence The seven days between Sept. 19 and Sept. 26 will long be remembered as “turnaround days” at Local 100, Transport Workers Union.

Bahr to Texans: Big vote can elect Kirk to Senate

DALLAS – Communications Workers of America President Morton Bahr told a “get-out-the-vote” (GOTV) meeting here Oct. 3 that the Bush administration is the “most pro-business, anti-worker administration in history!” He was speaking to union officers and activists in the headquarters of CWA Local 6215, as part of a national GOTV tour.

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