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New England janitors on strike

BOSTON – Hundreds of janitors and their supporters paraded through the streets of this city, Sept. 30, clad in purple t-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “Stand up for the American Dream” after leaving their picket lines on the first day of their strike.

Travelers journal: Education, health care and culture in Cuba

July 26 marked the 49th anniversary of the beginning of the Cuban Revolution. On this, our first trip to Cuba, my sister and I celebrated this holiday by visiting Lugano to meet the parents of one of our hosts.

Bicyclists take back the streets

Imagine you are driving along a busy street filled with homebound motorists. It is only six o’clock and you are headed home. But as you and the rest of the car-bound pack are stopped at a red light, suddenly one, then two, then what seems to be hundreds of bicyclists turn the corner and fill up the road ahead. As you watch the road, a neverending stream of riders on bikes swells.

George A. Meyers, Victor Perlo collections to be celebrated

FROSTBURG, Md. – Friends and family of George A. Meyers and Victor Perlo, outstanding Communist leaders who died in recent years, will travel to Frostburg State University (FSU) Oct. 19 for a celebration of book collections in the school’s library named in their honor.

War in Iraq: Comparisons with the Korean War

I. F. Stone had been unable to find a publisher for his 1952 book, The Hidden History of the Korean War. until he met Paul Sweezy and Leo Huberman. Thus his book became the first published by Monthly Review Press. A perusal of a friend’s recollections as an infantryman during that war prompted me to read the book.

A message to the American people

The following is a message from the seven Grammy-nominated Cuban artists who were denied visas by the Bush administration and therefore could not attend the awards ceremony. The message was sent from Havana, Havana City, Sept. 23.

Silence on repression is not an option

Silence. There’s not much of it this summer at my office. The thunderous sounds of heavy machinery dominate, as a huge apartment building rises from an empty lot next door. In this formerly marginal neighborhood, the poor are being pushed farther away to make room for the powerful elite in new luxury apartments. So as the windows of our old office rattle, we long for moments of silence.

Complimenting Dubya

Opinion I never thought it would come to this, but I am reduced to complimenting George W. Bush! After making snide remarks about him, his election-stealing, his apparent lack of intelligence, his over-reliance on clichés, his penchant for acting like a bully, and various other unsavory aspects of his personality, I was struck by two comments, one by Bush directly, the other in an administration comment.

Marxism Lives! Iraq & the elections

Opinions Until September, it appeared the elections were moving toward a blow against the Bush administration and its ultra-right policies.

Thousands rally in capital against war and greed

WASHINGTON – For four days last week, the capital echoed with marching feet and chants of “corporate greed has got to go” and “No war for oil!”

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