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Veterans, families and unionists testify to Iraq War's true cost

CHICAGO -- Unionists, elected officials and several hundred assorted spectators gathered in downtown Chicago at the Teamster City Auditorium, recently, to hear testimony from Iraqi war veterans and others directly affected by the war. The hearing, entitled “War's Real Impact: Our Voices”, sought to bring attention to the hardship and suffering incurred on veterans, workers, military families and students.

Afghans protest against US bombing raids

HUNDREDS of Afghans demonstrated on Sunday against an overnight US military raid that had killed several civilians. The US military claimed that its forces had killed two guerillas.

Washington cuts Blackwater links

Washington, Jan 31 (Prensa Latina) The US Department of State notified the Blackwater company in writing it will not renew the contract with the firm to protect Iraq, the media reported.

George Mitchell and the Middle East

The senator will need all the skill and patience he brought to the Northern Irish peace process. But Hamas must be at the table.

OPINION: A nuke free world?

When a fully loaded aircraft crash-landed on the river Hudson without loss of life, the people emerging from the plane appeared to walk on water.


Protests mark 5th anniversary of Iraq war, 4,000th U.S. troop death

WASHINGTON — “How many more must die in vain for a lie?” That was the question asked by Joan Kosloff, whose stepson, Sgt. Sherwood Baker of the Pennsylvania National Guard, died in Iraq in 2003. “Congress should not appropriate a penny more except to bring our troops home and provide reparations for the people of Iraq,” she said.

Talkin peace and justice with Pete Seeger

The latest chapter in Pete Seeger’s long and illustrious life is a petition drive by thousands of his fans to convince the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker group, to nominate the great U.S. folksinger for the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize. AFSC enjoys the privilege of nominating people for the prize because the group won it in 1947.

Drugs and death in Afghanistan: What happened to Spc. Juan Torres?

Army Specialist Juan Torres had his whole life ahead of him. At 25, Torres (known as John to most of his family and friends) had an accounting degree from the University of Houston and a good job waiting for him back home. He had savings in the bank and was planning his wedding to his girlfriend of seven years, Elizabeth Wise. click here for Spanish text

Pete Seeger: Standing Tall at 85

'Seeger understood early the power of song as a force for social change.' Pete Seeger turned 85 last May 3 and could be forgiven if he hung up his five-string banjo and relaxed with his wife Toshi at their home up the Hudson River in Beacon, New York. But that is not Pete Seeger’s way.

Who pays for nukes?

When the Senate reconvenes on January 23, their agenda will include acting on the Price Anderson Act, which has passed by voice vote in the House. Now is the time to call your Senator and urge defeat of S-1766, the Energy Policy Act of 2002.

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