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Hotel workers seek industry-wide contract

LOS ANGELES — By an overwhelming 83 percent vote, 2,000 hotel workers here voted Sept. 15 to authorize their union to call a strike if needed.

Anthony Toney, painter, educator, activist

Anthony Toney, a noted New York painter whose career spanned 70 years, died Sept. 10 in Marin County, Calif., at 91.

Banned church play finds larger audience

CHICAGO — When Delle Chatman, artist and writer turned graduate theology student, wrote “The Answer,” to be performed at St. Gertrude’s Catholic Church Oct. 1-3, she was hoping to start a dialogue between disparate groups about one of the most polarizing subjects of our time: abortion.

Incident at Loch Ness:an enigma wrapped in a riddle

Movie Review I don’t pretend to know much about Werner Herzog, the acclaimed director of 46 films most people have never heard of, but I do know that “Incident at Loch Ness,” which Herzog produced and appears in, is brilliant.

Great escapes

End of summer got you down? Giving up on “Law and Order” once and for all now that Jerry Orbach has moved on? Wondering why “Medical Investigation” isn’t listed as a comedy?

Union muscle won health care for all in Hawaii

Opinion The citizens of the offshore state of Hawaii have something that millions of mainlanders without health insurance want.

Common sense for the left about John Kerry

Opinion As I talk to friends on the left and center-left, I find too many people picking up on Bush administration propaganda that Kerry is a “flip-flopping” politician, that his stands on the Iraq war are opportunistic and bad, and that his “weakness” is helping Bush.

Hold the line!

Opinion This is an appeal to the Latino and Mexican American communities, but its main thrust also affects labor, other ethnic groups, and the American public in general, specifically those of us who must work for a living.

Why Bush has failed on terrorism

Opinion George W. Bush says the war in Iraq has made the world safer. It may sound good in media bites but take a closer look. His campaign is playing on people’s fears of terrorism, wrapping itself in national security, and doing what it does best: lying.

Health care action week to dramatize growing crisis

Jobs with Justice (JwJ), the national coalition of labor, community, student and faith-based groups, has declared Oct. 3-10 “Health Care Action Week: Affordable Health Care for All.”

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