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New Yorkers fight City Hall on taxes

NEW YORK — Tens of thousands of people— unionists, community members, religious leaders and elected officials—came out here, March 5, at City Hall and in cities across the state to demand a fair budget for working people, and that the rich pay their fair share in taxes.

Historic local victory points the way forward

RICHMOND, Calif. — Along with its historic national result, the 2008 election brought groundbreaking local victories, too — among them, passage of Measure T by this city’s voters. The measure, called by its supporters “A Fair Share for Richmond,” upgrades the fee the city’s largest manufacturers must pay for business licenses to one quarter of 1 percent of the value of the raw materials they use each year.

Working families need jobs; Senate Republicans want tax cuts for wealthy

Original source: With the nation’s economy sinking deeper and deeper into recession and more and more workers losing their jobs, Senate Republicans are playing a partisan game of ideological chicken over President Obama’s economic recovery package. They appear to be saying, “Give us even greater tax cuts for big business and millionaires, or we will do all we can to kill this bill.”

The truth about the unjust tax cut

Americans with average incomes over a million dollars will be handed an astonishing $121 billion in tax cuts in the year 2010 alone – more than all the rest of American taxpayers combined – according to an analysis of the 2001 Bush tax cut issued by Citizens for Tax Justice.