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Big lies, little lies, & statistics

There’s a retirement crisis facing older workers. The bosses tell us they can’t meet pension obligations because there are too many retirees and not enough active workers. They use the same argument to explain why they have to gut or privatize Social Security.

Bush plan for Social Security: divide and profit

At the Republican Convention this summer, President Bush said, “We must strengthen Social Security by allowing younger workers to save some of their taxes in a personal account.”

The Maestro of Fraud

Bob Woodward called his biography of Alan Greenspan “Maestro” because the Federal Reserve chief is “a conductor, exquisitely attuned to every instrument in the political and economic orchestra,” according to the review.

Saving and improving Social Security: The Communist Partys solution

Marx’s observation that the task of a movement goes beyond mere interpretation of events was never more apt than when it comes to the struggle to defend – and improve – the Social Security system.

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