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French workers protest against cutbacks

MILLIONS of French workers are set to take to the streets on Thursday to warn the right-wing government that they will not bear the brunt of the slump.

Taino Re-Elected Chair of UN NGO Decade Committee

Taino community activist Roberto Borrero was re-elected Chairperson of the NGO Committee on the United Nations International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples this past December. The Committee is a Special Committee of the Conference of Non-Governmental Organization in consultative status with the United Nations (CONGO).

Cuba fends off U.S. attacks on human rights

WASHINGTON — A crowd at the Cuban Interest Section here applauded warmly March 29 as Ambassador Dagoberto Rodriguez Berrera assailed Bush administration hypocrisy on “human rights” in Cuba. Cuba, he said, will never bow to U.S. diktat.

Nepal: King seizes power, once again

Declaring a three-year state of emergency, Nepal’s King Gyanendra dismissed the nation’s cabinet on Feb. 2 and assumed absolute power for the second time in three years.

U.S. aid doesn't aid Bangladesh

When I lived in the Bronx, one of those traveling carnivals came into our neighborhood. They set up their equipment in a public park, tearing up the grass and knocking down a stone gate.

From 2001 archives: What's lurking behind the war in Afghanistan?

This article was first published Nov. 17, 2001. As the war in Afghanistan garners more attention with calls for more troops, we rerun this here as a contribution to the discussion. There is little wonder that the Bush administration – with its vast ties to ultra-right ideologues, oil, finance, military industries and intelligence agencies – seized upon an incredible human tragedy to push their own agenda.

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