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Grassroots actions tell Bush: Dont touch Social Security!


Mexican Americans and war: Where do they stand?

“Raza Si! Guerra No!” by Lorena Oropeza has recently hit the bookstores. This book is an important read for those concerned with the struggles of Latinos for justice and equality, as well as everyone else in movements for peace and freedom.

Cathern Davis Flory, educator, dies

CHICAGO — Cathern Davis Flory died here April 2 at 84. A memorial was held at the DuSable Museum of African American History. After the service, her ashes were spread among the bushes and flowers that beautify the museum she helped to build.

Grupo Yub creates first bomba y plena CD

CHICAGO — Grupo Yubá, a multigenerational dance and music ensemble, presents the first “bomba” and “plena” CD produced in Chicago.

60 years after the defeat of fascism: Downfall a difficult movie

My best friends didn’t want to see any movies highlighting Nazis, so I went off alone to watch Downfall at one of our art theaters. It wasn’t an easy decision for me to go.

Texas morality vs. mental illness

May is recognized across our nation as Mental Health Awareness Month. For those of us struggling with mental illness, it is our opportunity to speak out against the stigma and discrimination based on misconceptions that we encounter daily.

Celebrating unity, struggle and vision

This is abridged from an April 15 speech accepting the Eleanor Roosevelt Award from the Connecticut National Organization for Women. Click here for Spanish text

College students also left behind

As the price of college tuition increases dramatically, it is more and more difficult for the average student to afford a college education. Millions of students each year begin their college life with the assistance of financial aid.

A Marxist perspective on religion today

Among the “wedge” issues with which the ultra-right attempts to divide the working class are the questions of (1) rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, including marriage or civil unions, access to benefits and health care, and (2) rights of women, including availability of birth control, the right to choose an abortion, and full and equal participation in economic and social life.

EDITORIAL: Scapegoats for Bush

For two years, decent people have agonized over the photo of Iraqi prisoners piled naked in an interrogation room at Abu Ghraib prison, leering American soldiers posing beside them. Another shows an American soldier leading a naked detainee on a dog leash.

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