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South Florida pays tribute to Pete Seeger

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- South Florida progressives and folk music fans turned out in sizeable numbers for a Pete Seeger 90th Birthday Concert held on April 26 at the Ft. Lauderdale Unitarian Universalist Church.


INTERVIEW Will.i.Am and The X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Kam Williams, a syndicated film and book critic who writes for more than 100 publications around the U.S. and Canada, interviews Will.I.Am about his role in The X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This interview is on

National Basketball & Hip-Hop Culture Month

The basketball and hip-hop culture fusion born in 1984 that is known now as The 'Dunkadelic-Era' In America, 1984-Present. The 'Dunkadelic-Era' is celebrating its 25th Anniversary during the year 2009 (1984-2009).


For Valentine's Day: Lovers In Arms offers music for weary

CHICAGO – Even during hard economic times people need something to help them relax and get through it all. “Lovers In Arms” is providing just that through their music. The local up-and-coming, five-piece band’s CD “Strength for the Weary” offers a message of hope, unity and relationship-building through beats that comfort the soul. The fun hip grooves and peaceful vocals express a human emotion that binds us all, universal love.

Seeger—at any age—is sheer inspiration

Pete Seeger’s “At 89” presents new recordings by the inspirational artist and his personal reflections from a life’s work still in progress. For Seeger fans — and newcomers — it is all that you would expect: a wonderful tribute to a man whose principled life spans almost nine decades.

Blues: Oxygen for working people

I went to see Cadillac Records with two of my movie buddies on the night after opening in Houston. This great movie is an exceptional attempt to portray the genius of African-American music.

Hip-hop is how you live, its a way of life

Music has always been a powerful tool in organizing social justice movements, expressing political consciousness and raising cultural awareness.

Pete Seeger: Standing Tall at 85

'Seeger understood early the power of song as a force for social change.' Pete Seeger turned 85 last May 3 and could be forgiven if he hung up his five-string banjo and relaxed with his wife Toshi at their home up the Hudson River in Beacon, New York. But that is not Pete Seeger’s way.