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The blockade is a state of siege

At a news conference in Havana Sept. 27, Cuba’s Deputy Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez introduced a 63-page report his country is submitting to the UN General Assembly on the U.S. blockade of Cuba.

Alienation in American life: a Marxist view

In modern capitalist society we are separated from family, friends and neighbors. Sometimes I get the feeling that people don’t really seem interested in getting to know each other. Do we view other people as important resources in our life?

The estate tax hoax

The “American” way of life hangs in the balance. The threat: Terrorism? Hurricanes? Disease? Drought? No. The repeal of what helped make the U.S. the “land of the free to pursue your place”: the estate tax.

And the public yawned

If George W. Bush’s speech last week to the National Endowment for Democracy were a Broadway play, it would’ve closed after opening night: All but his most slavish supporters panned it, and the general public yawned.

New court nominee needed

Maybe Bush and his in-group thought they could slide Harriet Miers onto the Supreme Court with nobody asking questions.

Breaking the grip of Big Oil

The day after President Bush advised Americans to deal with skyrocketing gas prices by avoiding unnecessary driving, he flew to New Orleans for a photo-op, burning up about 11,437 gallons of jet fuel, worth over $24,000. Apparently, it all depends on what you consider “necessary.”

Bushs cross-county motorcade to promote less driving

Hoping to send a powerful message about energy conservation, President George W. Bush said today that he would embark on an historic cross-country motorcade to promote less driving.

Cable workers communicate

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. — “We’ll be back!” was the cry of the 100 members of the Communication Workers of America, joined by supporters from Jobs With Justice, as they wrapped up an informational picket line at a Comcast technical center Oct. 6 in this Detroit suburb. The majority of workers here have expressed an interest in joining the CWA, the union says, but the company has used intimidation, fear tactics and closed-door brainwashing meetings to stop the union organizing drive

Philadelphia parents hit Bennett school contract

Philadelphia parents and education advocates are incensed that science curriculum materials in the city’s kindergarten through third grade are supplied under a $3 million contract by a company run by William Bennett, former secretary of education under Ronald Reagan. The company is K12 Inc.

Texans oppose marriage-ban amendment

HOUSTON — A state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages will be voted on Nov. 8 in Texas. If passed, Proposition 2 could eliminate gay unions all together. Progressive activists, advocates, and some politicians are outraged at the attempt by the right wing to use this as a wedge issue. The Texas AFL-CIO opposes the legislation.

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