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World Notes

Belgium: General strike protests gov’t ‘reforms’; Colombia: Paramilitaries suspend disarmament; France: One million workers strike; S. Africa: Tens of thousands in anti-poverty ‘stay-away’; Japan: Court rules shrine visits ‘unconstitutional’

Haiti elections turning into a farce, critics charge

The Bush administration is ignoring serious structural defects that threaten to turn Haiti’s upcoming elections into a farce, critics charge.

Venezuelas health care revolution

In late August President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela announced a new stage in his country’s fight for health care. The government will spend $2.5 billion. “The first and most important use [of the money] is to purchase necessary equipment, the most modern in the world,” said Chavez. “That’s Barrio Adentro III (‘Inside the neighborhood’): a hospital revolution.”

Rescue efforts continue for earthquake victims

Days after a 7.6 magnitude earthquake sent tremors across much of South Asia, rescue efforts intensified in the hardest hit area of the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir in the Himalayas. The quake hit on the morning of Oct. 8, devastated Muzaffarabad, the Pakistani-administered capital of Kashmir, and wiped many mountain villages off the map.

Residents heated up over lack of gas

CHICAGO — With 52,000 households’ gas shut off and home-heating costs breaking records, Chicagoans are tired of being cold in their own homes. And fingers are being pointed at Gov. Rod Blagojevich

The peace lobbys in the House (and the Senate)

WASHINGTON — Some 1,000 peace activists from 40 states lobbied over 300 senators and representatives on Sept. 26, the Monday after the huge antiwar march here.

Cindy Sheehan welcomed home to Bay Area

‘America is ready to end the war’ OAKLAND, Calif. — Cindy Sheehan “came home” to a loving welcome Oct. 5 as hundreds of supporters gathered here to give her standing ovation after ovation.

National Clips

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.: Romance amid the ruins; MIAMI: Budget cuts batter hurricane research; TRENTON, N.J.: Counter-terrorism agents profile Muslims; WASHINGTON: Bush threatens veto of Senate action outlawing torture; WASHINGTON: Millions More Movement marches

Schwarzenegger veto spurs wide opposition

LOS ANGELES — Latino immigrant rights leaders are responding to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s veto of SB 60 with a joint mobilization to defeat all Schwarzenegger-backed propositions in the Nov. 8 election. The bill would provide driver’s licenses for over 2 million undocumented workers here.

New Yorks Bloomberg acts like Bush

NEW YORK — This election season, Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg has portrayed himself as a liberal — a Republican in name only — interested in things like housing, jobs, gay rights and fighting racism. But the facts, and many people and organizations, disagree.

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