Rand Paul supporter stomps MoveOn activist in Kentucky


LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Outside a debate between U.S. Senate candidates Jack Conway (Dem.) and Rand Paul (Rep.), MoveOn activist Lauren Valle attempted to present far-right candidate Paul with an employee-of-the-month award from RepubliCorp. MoveOn invented the fictitious RepubliCorp to symbolize the Republican Party's 'merger' with corporate interests. As she approached, Paul supporters pulled Valle away and pinned her to the ground. Timothy Profitt, volunteer campaign coordinator for Rand Paul, then began to stomp Valle on her head. In the infamous video of the scene, one can actually hear the crunching as he stomps Valle repeatedly.

Believe it or not, Profitt then asked for Valle to apologize to him! He claims "I couldn't bend over, because I have issues with my back." and doesn't think it's "that big of a deal." Profitt is a Bourbon County endorser for Rand Paul, and has contributed nearly $2,000 to his campaign. Profitt is also Paul's former campaign coordinator for Bourbon County

Rand Paul has not personally made any comment on the curb stomping, but a spokesman said, "Violence of any kind has no place in our civil discourse and we urge supporters on all sides to be civil to one another as tensions rise heading toward this very important election." Urging supporters on all sides to be civil? It's not Conway's supporters perpetrating acts of violence. Paul's campaign did ban Profitt from campaign events.

There have been reports of Valle suffering a concussion after the incident. Local police have began an assault investigation and Profitt has been served with a criminal summons to go before a Fayette County District Court Judge.

A new Bluegrass poll this week puts Rand Paul ahead of Conway 52% - 43% with 4% undecided.



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  • Good article. The shame is that when Tea Partiers commit acts of violence the response is always it is on both sides! However this 'equality ' of violence seems like an excuse to diminish what he did. Like excusing lynching because the victims too threaten violence. Since Obama's election the 'wingnuts' have come out in public with threatening signs and loaded guns and worse of all the candidates who have learned if their speech is suggestive of violence that this is an attention getter in the press. Some people have actually attempted violence or carried it out influenced by this type of rhetoric and the Republicans who have screamed in congress do not oppose Congressmen being spit on are setting a terrible and dangerous precedent.
    The shift to the right supported by money and lots of publicity is something we need to fight and not allow the "well they are just as bad" equality excuse to be used when they hurt working people who peacefully protest.
    The right fringe which are really modern hate groups,21st century KKKs and online organizers of mayhem have a long history of murder and violence and know what they are doing. With the support of the Republicans they are trying to make themselves acceptible. It is already common in minority communities and noone would have taken note if she hadn't been white. The country is not just ideologically shifting to the right but is presenting serious physical danger to any kind of protest. We need to find ways to protect each other and show these groups of individuals for the hate mongers that they are. I am glad she was not hurt badly but the shock was a lesson about whom we are dealing with.
    I am surpruized so many have now been voted into office. Sad day!

    Posted by Viviana, 11/03/2010 12:04pm (5 years ago)

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