Retired, but fighting: ARA stands up for Social Security (video)


Barbara Easterling is president of the 4-million-member Alliance for Retired Americans. The People's World interviewed her this week during the convention of the Communications Workers of America, July 12, in Las Vegas. Easterling, who was a telephone worker in Akron, Ohio, is the former international secretary-treasurer of CWA.

The Alliance for Retired Americans and the Coalition on Human Needs are among organizations hosting a toll-free number to call U.S. senators, July 14-15, at 1-866-251-4044, to tell Congress: No cuts to Social Security!

Here, Easterling explains that Social Security has a surplus of $3 trillion and is not part of the deficit. Some of her key points: The best way to guarantee Social Security's long-term stability is to raise the salary cap. Cuts to Medicaid affect seniors too. Working people shouldn't have to labor until they are 70. And the younger generation has a stake in Social Security.


Photo: Communications Workers of America retirees are active with the union and with ARA. (Teresa Albano/PW)